Tracing Your Medical Ancestors

Tracing Your Medical Ancestors


<!-- 007 -->Tracing Your Medical Ancestors
The medical profession had as much influence on the lives of our ancestors as it does on our lives today. It occupied an extraordinary range of individuals - surgeons, doctors, nurses and specialists of all kinds. Yet, despite burgeoning interest in all aspects of history and ancestry, medicine has rarely been considered from the point of view of a family historian. 
This book traces the development of medical practice and patient care, and changing attitudes to illnesses and disease. It looks at the parts played in the system by doctors and nurses in their various roles, training and places of work, as well as the patients and their experience of medicine in their day.  Each section identifies the archives and records that the family historian can turn to, and discusses other potential sources including the Internet. The book is an invaluable guide to all the information that can give an insight into the experience of an ancestor who worked in medicine or had a medical history.

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