a visitor's guide to victorian england (pen & sword, 2014)

A Visitor's Guide to Victorian England by Michelle Higgs

The ultimate visitor's guide to Victorian England

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to visit the Victorian era? How would you find the best seat on an omnibus, deal with unwanted insects and vermin, get in and out of a vehicle while wearing a crinoline or avoid catching an infectious disease?

Step into the past and relive the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian England, from personal hygiene and toilet arrangements to transport, pastimes and shopping - and everything in between. Drawing on a wide range of sources, this book blends accurate historical details with compelling stories to bring the Victorian period to life.

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'...a rich narrative of the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian England, the result being an informative yet entertaining read.'

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'A Crowded Crossing' from London Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil, 1890
Scarborough Sands from Fish Pier, circa 1900

'This book is based on the accounts of actual travellers who noted such commonplace things as the fog being so thick that there were 'candles at breakfast'; Sozodont tooth powder; people-jams on the pavements; the huge amber, green and blue bottles in chemists' shops...There is an excellent appendix on prices...'

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'Higgs' blog on the same theme offers fascinating tidbits of Victorian life, and her book offers the opportunity to explore it in much more detail...A lively and informative guidebook to Victorian England.'

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'London Sketches: At a Music Hall', The Graphic, 1873