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  1. Two weeks into 2010 and I've already broken one of my New Year resolutions.  I intended to update this website with more content and add to my blog every week without fail.  Now I realise I haven't written a blog since November!!
    However, paid work must come first and the life of a freelance writer is full of deadlines.  I've had more than my fair share already this week writing articles on interior design, recycling and Victorian prisons to name but a few.  I've also squeezed in a bit of research on my new book Tracing Your Medical Ancestors. The rest of January looks just as busy, but there's the small matter of the Australian Open next week which is sure to distract me if I'm not careful...
  2. Sadly, there was no response to my request for feedback on my website, despite the competition to win a book!  Nevertheless, I shall press on and continue to improve the site.  I'm intending to add more content and background information about Victorian workhouses, prisons and hospitals to the books pages over the next few weeks.
    Do get in touch via the contact form if there's anything particular you'd like to see on this website, or if you have any feedback about any of my books.  I always love to hear from readers, whether the feedback's positive or negative!  Don't forget that you can buy signed copies of my books in the shop on this website.