Christmas Cards


 Christmas Cards (Shire Books, 1999)

Christmas Cards by Michelle Higgs

Victorian Christmas Cards
Did you know that when Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in 1843, the Christmas card had not been invented?  Or that Christmas cards were avidly collected by the Victorians as works of art?

You can find out more about the fascinating history of Christmas cards in this little book, which begins with their early Victorian origins through to their heyday in the 1880s, ending with cards from the Second World War.  It describes how to start a collection of Christmas cards, which artists and publishers to look out for and the social background to their invention and popularity.  The book is packed full of illustrations of a wide variety of cards and would make a great gift at any time of the year.







 “…a fascinating little book…” 

BBC Homes & Antiques

Dog Shadow Card
A ‘shadow’ card from the early 1880s which shows a bloodhound casting a shadow very like that of Sherlock Holmes  
Comic Card Penny Farthing
A humorous card, possibly from the 1870s, which pokes fun at the balancing act required to ride a penny farthing bicycle.

 “To find out more about the historical Christmas card…see Shire Publications’ clever little book, written by Michelle Higgs…” 

Country Life

 “…a beautifully illustrated and carefully researched book…”

Antiques & Collectables

Crescent Moon Church
A card in the shape of a crescent moon, one of a pair issued by S.Hildesheimer & Co in the 1880s.

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