About Me

Starting to write

When I was ten years old, I was asked by my teacher what I wanted to be when I grew up. I replied without hesitation, “An author.” At this age, I loved writing stories and I used to drive my family mad by tapping away on an old manual typewriter. Sadly, on leaving primary school, I lost all interest in writing and was not inspired to write again until I studied for my history degree.

Freelance writing

After graduating, I worked in a marketing agency for eight years as a project assistant and copywriter. It was during this time that, with the encouragement of my husband Carl, I started writing magazine features and articles. In 2002, I re-trained as a primary school teacher but still continued writing articles in my spare time. I taught full-time for three years but when a short-term contract ended, I decided not to reapply for another position and to go freelance instead.

Becoming an author

I have finally achieved my ambition of becoming an author with eight published social history books for adults. I’m passionate about history in all its forms, especially family history, local history and social history. I think it’s the little details which really bring the past to life. My next goal is to write a non-fiction book for children, something which has always been a long-held ambition.

When I’m not writing or doing research, I am a field teacher at the Dudley Environment Zone. I love walking in the great outdoors, going to the cinema, watching tennis and reading (not necessarily in that order)!

R.I.P Domino (October 2003 - 4 July 2017)